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is there something that can read temp of your tank and once it hits a certain temp it'll turn on a fan. I'm sure there is a super expensive thingy mo-bob, but can you make something like that out of what ever parts? Anyone done this?
I'd start with computer stores like Fry's. I know my old computer case had some thermistors for reading temps wherever you stuck them and a readout on the front. I'm sure someone's got a programmable device for turning fans on and off you could adapt.

Assuming you could turn the temp low enough. A typical "overheated CPU" temp would be a "simmering fish and coral stew".
Is $72 too much?

thats awesome, lil more than I want to spend on my 15g but def in the right direction, thanks lugnut!
Well, it's not going to be pretty and may not be acurate, but you could use an HVAC controller. They all have switches and relays for controlling electronic equipment.

The difficult part is adapting it to the temperature sensing you'd like to do. If you felt like doing some soldering, I suppose you could pull the thermocouple inside, wire it, then shrink wrap it so it could be placed in a sump or something. You'd have to use a digital one, though, because the old slider-style ones just rely on the bi-metal type temperature sensors and a mercury switch.
It's overkill to control just a fan, but the ReefKeeper units can easily be setup for fans, lights, wavemaker, pH controller, etc. If you're thinking of buying a mini-controller in the future or more electronic controllers, save yourself the money and get a ReefKeeper from the start.
I'll second what Chris said.

I am in the same boat. At first, I thought I could get by with a Ranco temp controller to turn off and on the cooling fans. But then I started thinking if I need a chiller, then I will need the dual stage Ranco controller to control the chiller and a heater. I have seen some for $100 or so, but then that's close to half of what the Reefkeeper II costs and that's what I eventually wanted.

So, I decided to hold off on getting a cheaper controller and save up and do it right from the start, to prevent myself from losing money in the long run.

It's tempting to do it cheaper, but save your money and do it once.
One product that I have to deal with heat issues is an IceCap fan that automatically turns itself on as well as it has a variable speed motor, so the hotter the air is inside the canopy the faster the blade spins.

I know"></a> (one of our sponsors) has them on their Web site (but I couldn't link it). So here's a link to the 120mm (4.75") model, but they also come in 85mm: [IMG]"></a>

Hope this helps,

so is there like a preset on that fan so it knows what temp to cool around?
Yes. The IceCap Vari Speed Fan senses the air temperature inside the hood. The hotter it gets in the hood the faster the fan spins. This is not designed to measure or respond to the water temperature. Basically it is trying to vent hot air from the lights in the canopy.
20 &#8211; 37 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) is what the smaller 80mm fan pushes and the larger 120mm fan pushes 50-102 CFM
I just found this on Ebay."></a>
Pretty interesting items that this guy has for sale. Cheaper than the IceCap fan but I dont know anything about the seller or the products.
Like the first poster George said... you could probly go to a good computer store like Fry's or maybe get the necessary pieces from a well stocked Radio Shack and build one of these that this crazy Windy Willy is selling on Ebay.
hmm definately intersting yes, thanks for finding that. but I think i want something that will turn on or off at or between certain temps.
This one says temperature sensing."></a>
I believe that it is only for the ambient temperature inside the hood and it is not measuring the water temperature. But it is much cheaper than the IceCap fan.
Do you have a ReefKeeper2 or the AquaController?
nah i wish i had a reef keeper, if I did I wouldnt have the issue of the fan temps. I have a deskfan thats like 6" or so, does a great jpb cooling the tank, thats why I was trying to get a sensor that could turn the fan off and on, right now its hooked to a timer but I'ld want a lil more assurance seeing the tank can heat up quicker or slower at times. I think chris sold the RK on me, I just need to start saving.