Feb Frags at Marine Fish


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8 Feb 2005
Frag Fest at Marine Fish

The meeting was proceeded with a Board of Directors meeting which discussed plans for a mini-Macna called Saltwater U on the 21 May, plans for 8 March as a Special Interest session, and a 12 April meeting with the local "Reef Dwellers" Scuba club. There was also discussion on an amendment to define the procedure for dismissal of a member. Lisa as editor of the newsletter wanted to invite any sponsor to submit ads or logos or other information to be published. We are hoping to capitalize on the opening of the Georgia Aquarium to win the hosting of Macna in 2008 and many of the committees set up are to ensure the club is mature enough to take on this responsibility. Besides being treasurer, Bob Lemcke is seeking Sponsor financial support for this event. Margi Shindell is preparing for the logistics by organizing Saltwater University. Steve Shindell has made contacts with the GA Aquarium and we will have a presence during it's establishment. Chris Guinn is recruiting new Sponsors offering free club membership with each new Local Fish Store tank setup sold. Speakers have been lined up and more are being approached. Ray O'Conner has created a new member packet to distribute to help keep new animal owners in the hobby and eliminate the beginner's feeling of being overwhelmed with so much to learn. This has everything to do with the club's charter to educate and be responsible caretakers of the reef environment we love so much.

The meeting began at 7:45pm with club President Steve Shindell announcing the Marine Salt PowerBuy in effect through the month of February on Instant Ocean and Kent brandnames. The club purchased about 50 buckets from Marine Fish during the meeting. A raffle won by Lester Sine earned him a free bucket. Last month the Bruce Carlson lecture & Falcon tickets raffle raised $540 for the Tsunami relief effort.

The Atlanta Reef Club has been a formal entity since 2001 and tonight had about 12-15 new members because the main event was the fragmentation and distribution of 5 large corals to all the members. The host store Marine Fish on Johnson Ferry Road offered a 20% discount on everything as well as 50% specials on digital thermometers, test kits, and reef chemicals from Kent and SeaChem. Don is the owner, Matt is the manager, and Jonathan,Chris, & Kim all help out at the store. Some of the donor corals were also aquired through the help of Rainbow City,Alabama LFS: Living Reef.

We split up a Leather Toadstool, Pocillopora Damicornis, Montiopora Digita, Blue Acropora, and Pink Seriatopora Hystrix Bird's Nest. All but the first are known as SPS and require considerable light and water flow to thrive. Richard Ogletree supervised the members as they clipped and mounted their new frags, and Sally Densmore spoke on the aquatic requirements as well as describing what to expect as normal behavior when the frags went home. Both plastic toothpicks and rubber bands as well as bridal veil material could be used on the Leather, but most folks used super glue to mount the SPS onto rubble. It was suggested that laying the SPS frag flat horizontal would speed the encrustation and vertical branches would generate shortly.

The next meeting is 8 March and will have Kayla Swart and Ray O'Conner talking about Seahorses, Jesse Zaro-Moore demonstrating Nano Tanks, Melissa Moloney showing Digital Photography techniques and Andy Daiss discussing SPS corals and beginning a geneology/registry. The formal meeting concluded about 9:00pm but many people still had shopping to do afterwards. Many Thanks to Marine Fish for hosting this 3rd annual Frag Feastival.

William Fisher, scribe.