First try bear with me


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if it shows this is my 29 gallon - or my first tank that started this ever growing addiction
HOLY !!!! There it is Batman it actually worked !!!!!!!!!!!

I have been trying to post pics for months - Thanks for the update Chris

Anyway - heat was a problem in the 29 so I upgraded to the 55 cycling in the top pic - then kinda coming to life in the next un (bama again)
last pic shows the homemade canopy with PC lighting and Tunze 6100
Very nice!

I'm not so sure about the stand on the 55g, but the corals and livestock look great!
OK OK last one - not really but by now I realized this was bigger than I was and gave in when I saw my first Niger Trigger - and was ECSTATIC when I read that they werent reef safe. WHY else could I justify with my wife a 125 predator tank with Tunze 6200
Chris the stand is looking a tad weak but it was supported on the ends from the back - but no worry's mate - the addiction bug continued to knaw and well I really never used that two car garage anyway and besides who can share a 55 with three to four other people and well I saw a crow fly south and I had a vision and well.....hell no use lying a had to have it so here the 360 cycling. It looks a TAD different now this pic is three months old
e-gads man, that bug bit you hard! Sweet lookin tho, and I'm a fan of the predator tank, those are always fun :)
Yeah......bit right in the wallet. Wait till U see the fish room behind the big tank. Its been about six months since I started it and I am still avoiding the issue with the Ms about the cost, it's.... a labor of love dear we'll look at the total cost when I'm finished.

All reefkeepers who are finished spending please raise your hands :lol:
Yeah, I got bitten by the "boat" bug like that a few years back. Just decided to come home one afternoon with one following the car. That was several years ago and I "hope" to get off restriction soon...

Hell is an OK place to visit, but you don't want to live here.