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I just recently went to the Fish store in athens and i had a horrible experience. I bought a 12 gallon nano cube for my girlfriend. her mother had bought her a tank so i tried to take it back. For starters they did not give a reciept and then they tried to give me a line that they couldn't give me my money back only store credit. now i have a 10 gallon clam and sps farm it seems now, there is no way i could use a 170 credit. Now i hate slandering a store but when it seems to be an unscrupulous practice, I get quite aggitated. i will never return to their Athens or Loganville store. people like this make you question why they are in the hobby at all. just wanted to give my fellow reefers a heads up.

That's not very good customer service if they didn't give you a receipt. However if you have a paper trail, it's possible that might work as a substitute for not having a receipt and then they could match that up to their journal tape so that both parties agree on the purchase. As far as receiving store credit when you don't have a receipt, that's usually standard in many stores, not just the LFS. What did the manager say when you told them they didn't give her mom a receipt?

I'm pretty sure that my LFS only gives store credit whether u have a receipt or not. It's a tough business so I understand their policy.
Could they have taped the receipt to the box? Did you try to take back the tank you had bought or the tank that your girlfriend's mom had bought? They always give me a receipt, but I always pay with a debit card so I don't know if that's the reason.

I agree with Gwen that it's commonplace to only give store credit when you do not have a receipt. Have you spoken with Justin (the owner) about the problem?

Also, I was a bit confused when I read your initial post (not that it matters really). Is it a 12 gallon cube or a 10 gallon that you are stuck with? Can you sell the tank to another reefer to get your money back?
I spoke with the manager of both stores and he was of no help at all. After the fact the manager told me that there are no cash refunds which is a little screwy because I used a credit card.There was a sign on the wall that said no cash refunds I was not asking for cash back just a reversal of the charges. I manage a restaurant and have about 200 cards a day its only 2 buttons to reverse the charges of a credit card. The fact that this particular tank had been recalled due to leaking did not change the situation either. It was a 12 gallon cube.The box had not even been opened and I bought it no more than a few hours earlier. I felt that they wanted to line their pockets as opposed to customer service. There was no receipt given to me and when asked about a copy of the card receipt he mysteriously got amnesia. Now luckily someone at a reputable fish store in Duluth pointed out the recall of the tank. I may not be able to split the atom but i know when someone is taking advantage of me. I would kick myself if i didn't write this and they took advantage of another fellow reefer.

Cash refunds and reversal of charges on a credit card are the same thing. As it has been said before, a lot of LFS only give sgtore credit. It is commonplace for stores not to accept returns b/c they cannot sell the item as new. Also, since the policy is clearly displayed, you really don't have a course of action.

Sorry for your problems. Seems as if this is not common for this store.
Well chalk it up to experience. The fact that they sold a defective product that the distributors have had to take back from other fish stores should count for something but hey I guess you live and learn. regardless I still think it is shady. as for proper dictation of posted signs it should say NO REFUNDS!!! whether it be cash, credit, check or wampum. Thanks for the insight.