frog spawn


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My wife aquired several pieces of branching frog spawn from a large aquarium at her favorite nail salon. I added it to our month old, 12 gallon nano-cube. A few of them have a red velvet looking growth near the top. some seems to be crowding on the polyps. Should I worry?
Sounds like an algae bloom. Feed less, increase current, use a protein skimmer, siphon out what you can. Everybody deals with this cyanobacteria film, if I am ID correctly. A photo would help everyone.
Monitor the situation carefully. The red slime is probably a bacterial infection that typically affects these types of corals (i.e., frogspawn, torch, hammers, etc.).

I would get rid of the infected pieces, as the slime will probably spread. You may try a Lugol's dip (Kent Marine).
The times I have gone past a nail salon, the fumes of acetone nearly knock me out. I am surprised any marine animal could survive without mutation. Really, photos would give everyone a better chance to help.