GA Aquarium Coral reef displays


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I took my family to the GA Aquarium Sunday. This was my third visit. I was surprised to see a few things and wondered if others had similar experiences recently:

1. Pretty heavy cyano-bacteria growing in the small tank with the camera that you can control. The tank holds some gobies, shirmp, gorgonians, etc.. This particular tank has pretty low flow from what I can tell by looking at the gorgonians. I would think they are going to have an on-going issue with cyano until they increase the flow.

2. Yellow tangs in main coral reef tank are emaciated. You can really see the ribs on the fish. Seems like some nori is on order here. It was not just one fish, all the yellow tangs looked this way. When I visited this display back in Dec, the yellow tangs looked much better.

3. The handful of stony corals they have in the main coral tank are not looking too good due to bleaching.

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