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What kind of Garlic do you all put together with your fish food?

I went into publix today and the only garlic I found there was the powder garlic.

Did I got the right 1, or it the wrong 1. If it not garlic powder, then what are the garlic do you use and where do I go and get it?

I once bought a bottle of garlic from the fish store, opened it once, stunk up the whole office and never used it again. But it was a liquid, youre supose to soak the food in it.
I know u can use fresh garlic, but not sure about the powdered stuff.

I have the Kent stuff, but only used it 2-3 times. Not much has been proven in the world of garlic and our tanks.

Like Lee said- smells VERY bad!!
Yep, I have always used the liguid stuff from Kent
For 3 years now I have used Whole garlic cloves.
I take the clove(un-wrap the peeling) and press(or mince-or for you non-cooking types, mash!) the garlic. Add it to ro water to a ratio of 50/50.
I use 1-3 drops in my feedings, but I feed every other day.
Knock on wood*****knock***** I have never had any illness in my tank, but I guess I have to say that I'm an anal person when it comes to my reef.
The advantage to using the whole garlic is that is cost about .59 cents....... verses what you pay for the garlic "suppliments" $10????....
I haven't noticed any adverse affects on my skimmer with the garlic, but then again.... every other day..
[, but I guess I have to say that I'm an anal person when it comes to my reef.]

Humm////// I should have said that differently.....
Kent Garlic Extreme.

If you want easy garlic from the store look in the produce section. They have bottles of minced garlic there. It would be better than the powder.
I use the Seachem stuff. I have been using it for about the past 2-3 months without problems.