Georgia Aquarium Editorial


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This is an editorial I have sent out today. I urge everyone to support the Georgia Aquarium by drafting similar letters supporting their excellent husbandry of animals:


I want to express my appreciation to Bernie Marcus for his amazing gift to the city of Atlanta. Through his benefaction, he is giving the ocean to our city in the form of the new Georgia Aquarium. The key to the ultimate survival of the oceans is knowledge. With the AquariumÂ’s educational environment, the public has the opportunity to become aware of the crises facing the oceans and learn how to respect the marine environment and its inhabitants.

But what an Aquarium! Just as San Diego will be forever known for its zoological park, Atlanta will be known as the city with its private ocean. The quality and professionalism of the staff at the Georgia Aquarium is second to none, and the commitment to animal husbandry and health has set new standards of excellence. The AquariumÂ’s commitment to meet and exceed the American Zoo and Aquarium Association standards as well as its commitment to education and conservation is a tribute to the high caliber staff assembled in one place. The Georgia Aquarium has undertaken the great task of ensuring the health of their own charges; in doing so, the staff will gain knowledge that will provide the groundwork for us to move more rapidly and scientifically in conservation efforts for the worldÂ’s oceans.

Thanks go to Bernie Marcus and the Georgia Aquarium for leading the way. Conservation through education – the goal for all of us.

Steve Shindell, Ph.D.
Atlanta Reef Club