Georgia Aquarium Special Tonight


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Be sure to watch 11alive this evening in celebration of our one year anniversary!

On Wednesday say Wow!

· 11alive presents a 2 hour event with an in-depth look inside the Georgia Aquarium.

First at 8:00 PM witness how one man’s idea became a reality for the world to enjoy.

It’s an Encore presentation of “A Window to Wow”.

Then at 9:00 PM it’s “A Year of Firsts”.

From ground breaking to breath-taking,

11alive’s Marc Pickard brings you the highlights of the Georgia Aquarium’s first anniversary in high definition!

11Alive and the Georgia Aquarium present

A Window to Wow, and A Year of Firsts

Wednesday at 8 on 11 Alive!
Shoot I bet it was PACKED on thanksgiving. All those grand parents coming in town for the holiday wanting to see it hahaha:lol2: :lol2:
Not too bad on Thanksgiving, but 18,000 on Friday...It should be slow for a few weeks, then really busy through the end of the year until kids go back to school.
The aquarium has extended hours for the holiday season. It really gets dead in there after 6pm, so I'd recomend going at that time, if you can.

The whale shark exhibit is really spectacular when all you can really hear is the music.
I just voluteer there - I am usually in that big freezer you mentioned, or cutting up food for the exhibits.