Good place to buy a tank in ATL?


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Where is the best/cheapest place to buy a tank in Atlanta? Im looking for an AGA 90gal RR.
I got my tank a Madisons reef in Woodstock. I got a 56 Gal tank with glass top for $129.00

before you buy, I have a 90 gallan AGA that is used, but still in good condition, that I am upgrading to a 210 this week coming up. I was gonna put it up for sale after I made the switch, but since you're inquiring....

I am only up in Blue Ridge too, so your more than welcome to come up and see it if you want. Give me a call- 706-632-5011. I can even work oput a deal if you might be able to help me with the switch!!
BTW, it has an overflow (corner), comes with modern series stand, canopy, 2X175 watt MH, 2X96 w PC actinic, blueline dual 175 e ballast, and lots of others. It is used, but it pretty good condition.
Realistically if youre looking to setup your frist tank... do what you can to try to find used equipment. Taking your time to research what you want will give you the time to see what comes available. There's always good deals floating around (floating...HA!).
I should read better. Kullas, Im sorry, I thought you were looking for a 90. Izib, all this previous info, of course, also applies to you.
Just remember, cost of the tank is a joke compared to all the other stuff.
johnqx4 wrote: Just remember, cost of the tank is a joke compared to all the other stuff.

True... but if you can buy a new tank and stand for $1000, then find the same size tank(and stand) for $500 used (which is not unrealistic).
That seems like a pretty significant difference to me. That extra $500 can get you setup with MHs.
Shameful self promotion:
Can't argue with that....

BTW. 1/2 of my tanks are used (that is probably the half that I didnt plan to set up... it just sort of happened after a few to many beers :)

I just recently bought a propagation tank. 1' deep, 1' wide, 4' long (30 gallons) for 15 dollars.

now I just have the $50 per gallon estimate to add for total setup.

tank = $15
all other stuff = $50 x 30 = $1500.00
beer, wine and liquor = priceless

jmaneyapanda, I just PMed you. Ill be back in town tonight and then gone again on Mon/Tues, then Ill be back for a few days.

As for the others, thanks for the comments. Its not my first tank, Im just new to ATL so Im trying to get some advice. Not to say I know what Im doing though... My sister has been keeping my tank back home (bad idea) so I figured since i have to move it all anyways I should upgrade slightly. Im having a hard time convincing the other half to let me get a 6' long tank though... Although for the price of k's 125gal I might be able...
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