Growing hair algae


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Is there a healthy way to grow green hair algae in the tank? By healthy, I mean is there a way to grow green hair algae in the tank without ruining the water quality first to grow it?

The reason I ask is because the grazers in my tank look hungry... and possibly even the snails too.
I'd be best to grow some macro algae that they'll devour rather than ignore (like hair algae).

Try getting some Red Gracilaria (aka "Tang Heaven") or even Cheato which many fish like.

I have the chaeto... now I just need the tang. I don't think my dwarf angel cares for the chaeto though.
Try putting some smaller live rock into a small tank and "culturing" it. Put the tank in direct sun and put a handful (not really) of flake food in. Give it a couple weeks or so and there should be some usable algae. Then just put the rocks in the tank. You can rotate pieces through to have a more constant supply.