Heading back to school but need to make a stop


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Hey guys i enjoyed my christmas break and my roomates actually kept my auto top off bucket filled and fed the fish correctly over the break yay. On my way back its time to spend some of that christmas money on some new corals and critters. My question is becuase there are no stores in Carrollton i was going to stop by Cappuccino Bay. I had my tank drilled there a year ago but have not been back since. Do they have some nice stuff in stock right now, looking for just some frags and things like that. Also need to replenish my clean up crew. Thanks
I was there today. they had some nice stuff. As far as frags it depends on what kind of things u like. Enjoy!
Cap Bay always has a great sellection of corals, fish are hit and miss. Great customer service too....they always answer my stupid questions!
I disagree with customer service in a way.. Being younger they seem to ignore me and not answer questions and tend to just walk away from me. But aso they have given me some deals. But they have a great selection. THis is just my personal experience.