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I moved my family to the northside of Alpharetta from central VA almost 2 months ago. The move of my 8 month old 90g tank took much patience and planning, but was aided by not having lots of livestock to be moved. I have recently added a few fish and coral, so moving it again would be more difficult.
I've been hanging out around the forum for awhile, and have just recently joined ARC. Thought I'd say hello, and I hope to be at the meeting on tuesday.
:welcome: Welcome to the ARC!!! We're glad to have you on board!:welcome:

Make sure you introduce yourself at the meeting! There's a group of us that typically go out for drinks/food after the meetings and you're more than welcome to join us...

Got pics of your 90?
Welcome to the ARC. Moving a tank isn't the easiest thing, glad it went well.
welcome reeftourist,ill be moving a 46 reef and a 120 fowlr tank, the week of thanksgiving to my new home so ill feel for you.ive been stressed about it for months.any tips you would like to share on making the move safely?
Thanks everyone.
I was actually updating my new website with a few pictures just now.
The latest pic can be found at: http://www.reeftourist.com/pictures/IMG_3431.JPG">http://www.reeftourist.com/pictures/IMG_3431.JPG</a>

So of course the website is [IMG]http://www.reeftourist.com">http://www.reeftourist.com</a>, but don't expect much. Been using FP a little, and don't have much time to update.

Tips for a good move:
1) Buy a bunch of those white 5g paint buckets from Lowes with sealing lids to carry water and rock.
2) Ask local LFS for any extra styrofoam livestock crates and perhaps some bags. You will need more than you think.
3) Have patience - breakdown took 4 hours, minimal setup complete in 2 hrs. It takes however long it takes.
4) Be prepared for some smell.
5) Use old quilts to buffer key areas.
6) Keep livestock in the climate controlled car/truck.
I was lucky and had minimal livestock at the time of the move... Perhaps patience should be #1.

2 moves and I only lost a small porite frag on the second move. Not sure why. It just hasn't recovered.
Thanks. :) When I look at it eye level I think I need more LR, but standing up it looks just fine, plus I like giving more open swimming room, and I'll need room for coral growth once I put in a few acros...:unsure: Still perhaps another 20-30# would fill'er out a little bit better.