help with itch :(


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What is the best way to fight Itch?

My fishs are having Itch and Garlic are not helping:( I still little whitedot on 2 of my fish :(

I do not want to put anything in my tank that I don't know anything about.

Had anyone use kickItch before, is it Reefsafe and does it really work?

U V Sterilizer - strong flow to hopefully keep the eggs suspended and hopefully killed by the UV to ward off the next batch that are coming in thirty days.

I dont know if there are any true REEFSAFE medications. I believe most may harm inverts or corals, but maybe somebody else can help
I have heard of KickIch working for some people and not for others. I would go with a UV sterilzer or a QT tank.

Stop Parasite is the only reef safe meds that I've heard work some of the time. It is pepper based and probably needs to be administered at first signs of outbreak. I personally have not tried it. I've tried UV and feeding Metroniz.... by seachem without success. Save your self the time and money and put them in QT.
Atlfishes is right. The QT is the best route. While in QT you can try some med if you would like, but hypo-salinity would be the best treatment. You should also leave your main tank free of any fish for 6-8 weeks to assure all of the parasites eggs have hatched and died.