Help with my tank switch/rock cook/bla bla bla


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Posted at the other forum and got some good info. Time to bring it home...

Im switching from a 29 to a 39 with a 20 long sump. I had a hang on back CPR BakPak2R which will be history. I purchased an AquaC EV 120 to replace it. Switch time nears and I have some concerns.

My rock is filthy with organics/debris/ ect and I have decided that whatever rock goes into the new tank will be cooked first. I plan on following this tutorial:"></a>

What I have decided to do is purchase all new fiji rock from Walt Smith for the 39. I will cook the rock for a month or more.

After the cooking is complete, do I add the water from my 29 to the 39 and then top off with new saltwater, then add the livestock and Im done? Or do I make all new water?
I want to know how to do this correctally to avoid any deaths of my live stock. Any advice will help.
There will def. be a new cycle... however, do you really think it's necessary to cook the rocks? For the debris, you can just take a turkey baster and blast it off...
I agree. Unless the rocks are covered with algae, I wouldn't cook them. When I upgraded from a 58 to a 120, I made a whole new batch of SW, then carefully acclimated everyone (especially inverts). My live rock was already established, so when I added it to the new tank I did not have a cycle.

but what if Im buying all new rock like I plan? Should I reuse my old saltwater?