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Hello all. I'm new to the hobby and im thinking about joining the club. How many times do you all meet? Where is the usual meeting location? I need to learn as much as possible cause im HOOKED!!!:D :yay:
Hey, good to have you on board! We meet once a month--on the second tuesday. Locations vary, but usually they are on the north side of town. Next week's meeting is at the office of our venerable ex-pres Steve Shindell. Other meetings have been at Cap bay, Marine fish, and many other local sponsors. I hope we have some meetings on the south side one of these days, as I live in Macon!

Join up with the club!
As someone who just joined the club a month ago, I can tell you that I have saved over $150 with the ARC discount and I don't even have SW in my tank yet.

It is SO worth it to join the club. The only meeting I have been to was a bit over my head, to say the least, but the knowledgable, friendly, helpful people that make up this club is a wonderful asset and great source of knowledge to learn from.

Also, once you get your tank up and running, the ability to trade things and the kindness of people to give things away to help you get started is awesome.

It is definitely worth it in my opinion.

Also, welcome to the ARC!
:welcome: Hey Znaski!!! Welcome to the ARC!!!:welcome:

Glad to have you on board!

(btw, check your PM's... Im sending you one now)
Thank you all. So excited to have picked up such a cool hobby. I'll post my tank pics tonight when i get home from work. Tony i would check my PM's if i knew what that was lol... :doh:
Our last meeting and the Next 1 are a bit over my head also.

The rest of the meeting are nice and I did learn a lots from those lesser meeting more then the last 1 :D
For a beginner, the calcium talks can be a bit overwhelming. The meetings are great and you will meet wonderful people.

Zanski wrote: Thanks! Im trying to post a pic of my tank any guess how?

Welcome... are you uploading the pic from your computer or is the pic already hosted somewhere on the internet?
the pics are on my computer... i put 8 in the box and they uploaded when i hit reply but i dont see them so i dont know...
yeah u gotta change the setting in your user CP.. let me see if I can fix it for you... otherwise I can walk u through it.. brb