HOT Refugium


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Im looking to buy a hang on refugium. I was looking at the <span style="color: #0000ff;">CPR Aquafuge 2 Refugium w/ Protein Skimmer 19.25 </span><span style="color: black;">for my 55 gallon. Does anyone own one of those and can let me now how good they are. I was more interested in the skimmer. I own a cpr bak pak and i was wondering if that skimmer on the aquafuge would be equal or better then the cpr bak pak i own now. thanks</span>
I have one on my 30gal (CPR without skimmer)... produces pods/mysid like crazy.
I've been thinking about buying a HOB refugium to hang on my sump. I've heard great things about them. The skimmer on the aquafuge won't be much better. You should keep them seperate to make cleaning the skimmer an easy task.
Thats a good idea. Im think i will do that. Its cheaper anyways. I would like to upgrade my skimmer in a few months.