i paid my membership dues but.....

Did you sign up through the site or at a meeting using a paper form? If it's a paper form, it takes a while to be processed. If through this site, it happens instantly. Let me know and I'll look into it.
It'll take several weeks for the paperwork to go through; sorry- we're a volunteer organization and can only move so fast.
Ubfishy, this evening I updated your profile and ordered a card for you as well as the others that joined (or renewed their membership) at the January 9th meeting.

I appologize for the delay, but we are transitioning the membership position to two people to give you better service. :)

Thanks for joining!

Bob speeking of aarc card. Don't mail my to me. I
ll pick it up at our next meeting.

Missed the 1/9 meeting for personal stuff :p