ID this crab! Reef safe???


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I just spotted this crab hitchhiker on some LR in my sump. I pulled the rock out just in case this crab isn't reef safe.

In case the pictures aren't clear, here's a description.

- About 1.5 inches across
- Hairy, black and white striped legs
- Body is purplish-brown with bumbs
- Eyes are reddish-purple

Does anyone know if he's reef safe? I'd like to keep it if so, b/c it looks really cool and creepy. Anyone know of more info on this guy?
difficult to see in that pic... see if you can catch it (put some food in a glass next to the rock and wait for him to climb in. He wont be able to climb back out of the glass)

As a general rule, if its hairy its bad but getting a better picture wil assist in determining a positive ID.
my rule of thumb is, if its a side walker its not reef safe. however there are some exceptions, like sally lightfoot (especially females). i've seen emeralds turn nasty and lots of people have them. i've also had a hairy crab which i agree is not a good one to keep in a reef.