Introduction. I'm Dave, how the hell are ya?

Welcome! Everyone in here has the same addiction LOL! You came to the right place. Search in the forums as you'll find specific forums dedicated on that size tank that you have..
Not trying to be mean but damsels can ET really mean. Once yours gets established it will really pick in you clown if you get one. Just be aware.
Every reef tank has to have a clown in my opinion lol.
Camellia;967869 wrote: Welcome to ARC!
(check out that Damsel hater's tank, it's under member tanks!)
Lol the damsel hater was just joking around. Guess the joke went right over your head.. but she's right go check out his tank lol
Gotcha gotcha. It went over my head because, well, I'm still getting to know everyone... haha. Wasn't hurt over it, just confused. How does a fish make someone less manly? I scratched my head for a second and then went on living my life.

I will definitely check out his tank.

I've really enjoyed getting to know everyone and am absolutely elated that such an awesome club like this exists here at home. :up:
Yeah.. I've spent the last 30 mins looking at it and reading through the thread.. the plan, of course, is to become as awesome as him.. right now I'm happy with my nano. I want to get really good at that and then slowly build up. By January or Feb of next year I'd like to transfer everything to a 30 gallon and then 8 or 10 months later, something larger.. then larger...
welcome to the club,
1. your intro is about as long if not longer than mine, and your writing skills, unlike mine, are great.
2 you'll learn to ignore ralph's (mysterybox) sarcasm pretty quickly
3 like everyone else has said ditch the kenya tree. it will become the plague. if you ever come up north let me know and ill hook you up with some easy non invasive coral. but if you want to go out on your own and get some i would recommend almost any lps. most of them are easy to take care of and dont require a tonne of light. but they do get brighter colors when they have extra light. also check out zoas most are easy and pretty, they grow fast but arent always considered invasive.
Wait do you have you leds on when you took the pic of your tank?
Yeah man. Not sure of the brand anymore, but they came with the hood. I'm looking to add blues and a little red and yellow- hopefully for cheap.
Sounds like a 1-3 w freshwater light. You'll need something more powerful to keep corals alive
I figured as much. The Kenya tree and frogspawn seem happy as could be, but my star polyps are taking their sweet time opening.

Any advice on good sources to get better lighting?