is everyone moving here from trt?

The club events, meetings, and other annoucements will soon take place here. There will be other features that will soon be added to the site that we simply can't do on TRT.

TRT will still be available as our RC forum is - as a portal to talk to other people outside of the club. We don't intend to completely leave TRT, but we've just outgrown what a single forum hosted by someone else can give us...

Stay tuned- there are some pretty cool things about to show up here!
Thanks Mojo the forums look great! I can't wait to see what's next. Keep up the awsome work everyone.
while Ill still monitor the TRT pages for a little while, I plan on permanently moving over here. Chris has done such an awesome job with the redesign!!!
Another great move for the club!
Chris has done a wonderful job on this website and forum! Great Job:yay:
Thanks for the props everyone! I'm still excited about some things to be introduced in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully, the first thing will be out this weekend, depending on my schedule...
tdwyatt wrote: Now you need some content...

Yup- I'm working on that as well. I'm trying to get writeups for lighting, flow, and some of the other talks we've had and make a wiki or how-to guide. If you want to volunteer to write a guide, please just let me know... :)

I'm working on some other things as well. Hold on to your heaters, things are about to get pretty cool around here... :shades: