Jebo 180 Protein Skimmer


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Has anyone used one of these skimmers. I was wondering where to set the water level. How long does it usually take to start skimming?
I have one of those. It usually works really good then the pump intake is about 1-2" below the surface of the water. I rigged mine so that I could use it in the sump.
I've rigged mine to work in the sump as well. If I close the air valve it will bring the water level up to about 1.5" inches of the cup. Does it bubble up from there?
Yes it will, but that will depend on how much dissolved organics is in the water. If you tighten the air valve you will be wet-skimming and dry-skimming vise-versa. I try to keep my air lever somewhere in the middle to where the bubble is about half way through the collection chute.