Just back from Cap Bay after


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I worked the Aqaurium today..have not been a while but I have to say. WHAT a FREAKING great store!! Bobby I know you catch **** here, I love talking with you and hanging out there...

I even sent some people up to see you from the Aqaurium today. Cap Bay is like a mini Aqaurium..sell tickets to get in there.

Thanks for the great Acans Lord...my first one, and it looks great sitting in perfect spot on my reef

Now Todd, you know if you are talking about a new coral then you have to post pics!

I want to get an acan. I love Cap Bay. Don't they have live the largest selection of corals in the south?
cap bay is insane i went there yesterday and today lol all i picked up was a frogspawn and a little clown fish
alt="" /> here is my cute frogspawn
It's deep in the reef and the picture distorts when I zoom any closer.