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ok so I've been lookin at the best way to dose kalk into my tank, I have a float switch that is hooked up to a 8g res tank with a lid, only thing is when it tops off it kinda flows quite a bit and I dont have a sump, just a lil AC500 on the back of the tank. Do you think I should modify the AC to have some baffles in it and have the top off drop the kalk top off water in that area so it mixes as much as possible befor being introduced into the tank, or do you think some sort of kalk reactor would be better? I've been lookin at DIY reactors and making it is no issue, just a lil confused on how you get it from the reactor to the tank. I see that some people have it set up with high priced dosers but thats out of my budget. Any suggestions for a reactor or should I just try to baffle the AC and go with that? Thanks.

Lee - glxtrix
What about gravity fed top off water at a drip every 3-4 seconds? Works for me.
ya know I was thinkin that, but the only thing is the tank is in my office at work and I'm tryin to limit the amount of thiings I have around or hangin. That would be a great solution I just dont know how I can pull it off and not make it look horrid.
Put a valve on the top off output. I use the valves from an airline kit for controlling the drip rate using a water pump. Much cheaper than a dosing pump.

Or, if you want to do the DIY doser, just get a home depot bucket, put a powerhead in it on a riser of some sort (I just use pvc pipe stuck together -- no cement), poke a hole through the bucket lid for the power cord. That'll handle mixing - though as I posted in another thread, it will wear out the impeller eventually. Then for dosing, I have an airline tube drilled through the top and up to a pump sitting on top (http://www.marinedepot.com/md_viewItem.asp?idproduct=OE1137">http://www.marinedepot.com/md_viewItem.asp?idproduct=OE1137</a>) that I have one of those airline valves on to keep the flow to a drip. Works ok for the past 3 months or so.

I have a MRC kalk reactor that's really sweet, but the pump broke so I went back to my DIY until I get around to fixing the MRC.

If you do go for a dosing pump, do NOT buy the cheap one you'll see alot of places for around $80-$90. They break too easily at the point where the motor joins the roller assembly and can't be repaired.
hey lee

i make custom kalk reactors like the one in the pic below.(up to 120 gall)..4 inches in diameter 18 inches in length ....i could sell you one ($120) but would rather trade them for frags. Sps, lps or softies....Can make larger on request...all you would need to do is connect your water reserve to the input of the reactor and output to a float valve. Place an airline kit on the output before the float valve to control drip rate, this is not normally a problem with a float valve as it only replaces water as it evaporates...very slowly. (can include with reactor if needed or build you a drip control valve into the unit). fill the reactor and your good to go..only thing you would have to buy is a float valve and timer to turn the pump on every couple of hours to mix the kalk.....
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jaime I appreciate it, but my tank is only a 15L and I wont be upgrading it. I'm just lookin for a simple and cheap way to get the job done.