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ok, so where is a place to buy pickeling lime or whatever that stuff is to mix up kalk? I'm in buckhead area of downtown atlanta. I think I'm going to try the whole kalk drip deal. can anyone shed some advice on how to do it. I have the general know how, but a refresher would always be nice :) My tank is a 15g sps dom tank. Questions are, what is the mixture of the lime and water, and how often to I drip? Thinking of maybe dripping 24/7....is that ok?


Lee - glxtrix
Here's my opinion based on my experience:

If you can, get a MRC kalk reactor. If not, I used to keep a bucket mixed 24/7 and drip at night. I use one of these http://www.marinedepot.com/md_viewItem.asp?idproduct=OE1137">http://www.marinedepot.com/md_viewItem.asp?idproduct=OE1137</a> as a dosing pump. Much, much cheaper than a regular doser and works great.

Don't forget to monitor your magnesium and dose it as well.
I talked to Tom after the most recent ARC meeting on calcium and he gave me these instructions on making and dosing kalkvasser.

1) buy Ball's Pickling Lime (It is Ca(OH)2 dissolved into water. It's sold at grocery stores I think)
2) Add 1 teaspoon per gallon of the pickling lime to your ATO RO freshwater reservoir to make kalkvasser
3) Run ATO as usual
do you know if the res of water with the kalk in it needs to have a ph in it to keep the water mixing, or can it just sit still?
glxtrix wrote: isnt a kalk reactor a lil over kill for a 15g tank?
Yes, but it's really convenient to have the mixing and dosing system in one. In your case, it's really just that less often you'll have to bother with anything other than toping off the fresh RO water supply for it. You can get a similar effect with a home depot bucket and a powerhead, too.

One key factor I have found is to have a sealed mixing/storage container, which alot of auto top off systems don't necessarily have, to prevent evaporation from making a film on the water. Plus, the presense of a cover will allow for vigorous and continuous mixing of the kalkwasser.
I have a 8g container from HD that has a lid in it, tho its not a perfect seal on it, it is however closed to the most of the outside air and what not. You think this could work?

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I'd poke a hole through to feed the cord and seal it with duct tape, but other than that, it's perfect.
well seeing that my tank is a 15g and I have mostly sps and 2 clams it goes thu calcium and alk rather fast, nothing to be alarmed about, just want an easier way to maintain it than to dose my supps every three days.