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i started dripping kalkwasser about 2 weeks ago. i only use it as make-up for evaporated water about 1 gallon every 2 days.what a difference this makes.algae is going away corraline algae is appearing everywhere on the rocks it is just beautiful.skimmer is working more efficient.ph rises some , but have to learn to adjust the kalk.ca is 400 dkh is 10. use turbo calcium to supplement when needed.great stuff and cheaper than a reactor. no room for it any how
how do you dose it. do you use that kent marine aquadose thing. I have one but i am to affraid to use it because i think i might overdose.
how do you have your res for it setup? Do you have a power head in there mixing up the water all the time? or does it just sit in a bucket and top off as your system adds it.
i use the kent aquadose . i hang it up under the cabinet on a hook.i mix my kalk in a milk jug 2tsp per gallon. i let it sit overnight then i extract only the clear fluid off the top 2/3 of the jug.no problems so far .then i add more kalk to the remainder and start over again.i keep 2 gallons going at once.also it has helped to reduce the diatoms in the sand.
Maroons15 wrote: is it easy to adjust? i do not want to add tooooo much calcium

its easy you just have to adjust the drip to whatever you want it at.i use mrs wages pickling lime because its alot cheaper,but i normally drip at around one drip every 3-4 seconds. just need to make sure that you you keep the valve clean periodically or it will calcify and affect the drip.
Can you post up some pictures of your set up? I have been looking at doing this also and any ideas would surely help! Thanks!
remember kalk doesnt add calcium or alk, its maintains it....so its crucial for you to make sure that your levels of calcium and alk are correct befor you begin the dripping.
i run clear water through it every time it is empty.to keep it cleaned out.you must test your ph and ca frequently until you get the correct result.bring your ca up to your desired level before using kalk.i was scared to use it at first,but my lfs said this is the way to go.i am going to switch to a2.5 gal aqua-dose for less frequent fillings.got to figure out a way to put above my sump something that large
found this on ebay, I'm sure you could part it togetherr in the same way and come up a lil less than that cost.....but really cool idea and you can have any res size you want and not have to worry about the gravity fed kalk issues.

I think ill try it......... im so scared lol. I've herd that there great but i've herd that you can REALLY mess up the tank. What kind of Kalk do you guys recommend for the aqua dose 2.5 gallon?? I think ill adjust it with water first then put the kalk in it. Also do you mix up the solution with water and kalk with freshwater and how much would you use for a 2.5 gallon thing.
you can use it as top off water, but you need to realize that it has to drip slowly into your tank or into a sump with a high flow area, the Ph coming from that solution is around 12-14, so yes if it enters your tank too fast you will have a disaster. As far as what kalk to use the only one I have experience with is mrs wadges pickeling lime, and I know thats 1tsp per 1 gallon of water. Stir it up well and let it sit a bit so all the particles settle, dont really want all that crap floatin in your tank. As far as dripping goes, thats up to you and your needs, some people drip at night, some people drip all day and some just have it as their top off water. Dripping rates vary again to your needs, but I believe the adverage is like 1 drop per second or two.
well i suggest befor you even think about anymore of it, just read up on it. Google kalkwasser and you'll get a billion hits.
i drip mine at night only when the ph tends to drop it does not matter what brand kalk you use just make sure you usethe clear fluid off the top only.1tsp. per gallon of rodi only. do not mix with tap water.you will only put silica and phosphates back in the tank.the longer you let it sit the better. if the kalk mix that you intend to use is not clear let it sit longer.
glxtrix wrote: ... the only one I have experience with is mrs wadges pickeling lime, and I know thats 1tsp per 1 gallon of water.

Where can you buy this stuff? I've looked in a few grocery stores but haven't seen it.
best place is online at their store, its extremely reasonable to have it shipped, and it gets to you pretty darn quick. I think i recieved my package in like 2 or 3 days. Well worth the headache and waste of gas trying to find it.