kh test


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i tested my reef aquarium for carbonate hardness add 1 drop it turns orange which is correct.i should be at 7-10 dkh but it never turns back to an endpoint of green ,no matter how many drops i put in. what does this tell me?i use ro water 8.3 ph,i use a liquid reef builder and buffer once a week and do a water change weekly.i have a 75 gal. tank thanks
I have only had good luck with salifert and seachem test kits. If you doubt yours, you should be able to take a water sample to your friendly neighborhood LFS and have them test it.

Just out of curiosity, what are your other parameters....pH, calcium?

I am unfamiliar with this test/titration, but is the indicator orange? And then you are supposed to titrate to an endpoint of green? Just want to make sure I understand what is happening - thanks!

yes maureen that is correct my ph is 8.3 my calcium is 450-500. ithink i will purchase another test kit .this was theonly kit my lfs had . thanks.
Well, everythng else is in-line, so good idea to try another test kit. My favorite is Salifert, if you were looking for a suggestion. Keep us posted on the "lab results!"