LR in the sump


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I know people keep extra LR in their sumps, but do you have to provide any light for that or just good water flow? Are their downsides to doing this?

I tried a DSB filter recently (the bucket o' sand in the sump thing) and it's not really doing anything, possibly doing worse. The bucket, however, would be perfect for holding additional LR to help with filtration.
no light required... its only there for additional biological filtration
Bump with a follow-up question:

If I have base rock I want to turn into live rock (cured, ready to go just dry), can I just place it in the sump and it will eventually go "live" again (albeit devoid of coraline and the usual stuff)?
If I have base rock I want to turn into live rock

Short answer... Yes. Takes a little time but it will happen. That is basically how they culture live rock (albeit on a somewhat larger scale)

BTW, if it is not live it can't be cured. I assume you mean clean :)