MH's for a 24G Nano cube?


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Hey everyone,

I'm thinking about switching out the PC lights on my JBJ 24G nano cube for a MH fixture.. any advice ont the best fixture to go with? I'm looking for fixture that is simple and will look good enough for my living room. Heat is a major concern as my tank is close to 80 degrees with built in fixture and fans.

I retro fitted a MH fixture into my 12G JBJ, the install was easy enough but the increase in heat surprised me. Buy yourself a Nano chiller.
I was about to do the same thing until I got a good deal on a 30G Oceanic. You'll definitely need a chiller of some sort. See if you can find a good deal on a small chiller in the forums. I've got a Titan 150 on my 24G NC and it keeps the temp at a nice 77F working about 40% of the time. Another option is the ICA chiller that you could install after your return pump before water flows back into the tank."></a>

Good luck.

EDIT: Some other forums you should check out are:

1) [IMG]"></a>
2) [IMG]"></a>

This link isn't related to lighting, but the fuge mod works great on my NC. Nitrate/nitrite have never even registered on my test kit after doing this mod. My chaeto grows like crazy. I put up some pics on:

Thanks for the great info and resource links....

I'm now wondering if I could get away without a chiller if I ditched the nano cover and put a metal halide fixture over the tank. Two that look promising to me:"></a> Sunpod 20" 150watt MH

[IMG]"></a> JBJ 150Wwatt MH fixture

I'm thinking any 150watt solution will probably require a chiller, correct?

I'm also suspecting that the Sunpod fixture is better quality... I'd hate to drop that much money on a JBJ with a 6 month warranty and have it fail the first year!

Any comments?
I have an IceProbe Chiller for sale. It comes with the controller and everything you need to make it work. All less than a few weeks old. Contact me if your interested.
The only problem with the IceProbes is that unless you're running a sump or other external device, you'd have to drill your tank and back wall. Not to say it hasn't been done. For example see these two links:"></a>
Agreed. I had to drill mine. I was able to drill it with the water still in as I drilled the back only (JBJ 12Gallon), but I wouldn't recommed this to anyone who isn't technically minded or has experience in cutting glass. if you dont mind ugly, the opening on my nano lid was perfect for resting the probe in the water and the device outside. It worked like a charm. I'd call this a last resort but it was very efficient.
I hate to even post this reply... but MH (that heat up the tank), then a chiller to cool it. It is a small tank... My bottom line is... a failure of one item, will probably kill everything in the tank. I have no room to talk as I have been on the edge more times that I care to admit :)

But, this looks like (to me) a recipe for disaster. what will happen if the chiller freezes up or blocks for some crazy reason, or the MH burns out or has a short.

it could work great for years, but it seems like a gamble.

And, it is not the money... but you are probably going to have a 5 dollar shrimp, that molts a lot and is healthy (and you name it, talk to it, offer it a bass ale... ooh, maybe i said too much :)... then it dies... it breaks your heart.

keep the NO's or whatever, give it a fighting chance if the power is out or something breaks...

you may not be able to have the greatest corals, but you won't have the greatest headaches either.

My apologies if I have called the baby ugly or stepped on toes...

I have to admit that I was very much entertained by the post above... ROFL
I have a 150w sunpod 14K on my 12g nano. No top, fan blowing across the top, heater always plugged in and sometimes it's on, no chiller. My tank stays at 80 perfectly. No sump either. Tank also has 2 MJ1200's adding a little heat I'm sure.
Ok, everyone... here is the update on my nano light....

I purchased the Sunpod 150watt MH fixture last weekend. With the top off, my tank temperature was hitting 83 degrees... until I put a clip on fan on the back of the tank. The fan blows forward over the fixture towards the front of the tank. The fan is plugged into the same timer as the metal halide fixture. Incredibly, the fan reduced the tank temperature to between 75-76 degrees! Mind you, I'm losing serious water, but I'm delighted to not have to concern myself with a chiller for the system. For the first time, my heater may actually be coming on...

Now... I'm thinking of either getting the JBJ ATO, or getting a piece of glass for the top to prevent so much water loss. Has anyone else tried a glass top with a MH fixture on a Nano? I'm thinking this will probably hold in too much heat. I'm assuming the great results with the fan is more a result of evaporative (like a swamp cooller) effect than a displacement of heat around the MH bulb.

What are people's thoughts on the JBJ ATO? I'm not really a DIY, especially when 120AC and salt water is concerned. The system seems reasonably priced, but I'm not a fan of JBJ equipment...
If you have no sump, then adequate oxygen exchange will be a problem. I would not recommend a glass top.