Mixing Wrasses


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Can you mix other wrasses with a blue bird wrasses? I like a lunar at a pet shop, but I'm not sure if they will go together.
My experience has always been no... Wrasses do not mix well for the most part as far as I know.
I really don't think you can. IMO you would need a really large tank to pull this off.
I had a Leopard and a Fairy Wrasse in the same tank. No problem. Not sure about a Lunar wrasse though.

My 2 cents.

In my experience, bird wrasses have a better temperament, but lunars are diabolical. They are made to seek and destroy. I think it might be possible, but you would want a BIG tank, both those fish get very large, are very active, and should trouble start, you'd want room to avoid.
I would say that isnt big enough. Because wrasse's move around so much they would encounter eachother all the time.
I had a Coris Wrasse, Six-line Wrasse, Mystery Wrasse, and a Lori's Wrasse in the same 90 tank......no problems....other than jumpers.
I have red coris and a dusky in the same tank no problems. 125 Gal. I was thinking about adding a solar to go with them.