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Well, I broke the bank and still don't have a tank! :oops:. Tank, stand and sump by May. This will be over 18 months in the making. I'm going to try the BRS/WWC hybrid method using the Triton Method, 4 month cycle, 2 month fish/coral quarantine. I have a plan; i'm working my plan. Please follow my build. Good advice welcome...constructive criticism also!IMG_8608.JPG
Ahhh, yes, the good stuff...125 gal starfire rimless followed by a custom wide format 150 followed by a “yet to be planned frag tank”. “I have a plan. I’m working my plan”.
This build originally included an Aquatic Life 61” t5 hybrid but I found the wire management to be impossible; this is after I unboxed and set it up, then threw the box away. That being said, it’s for sale. $400 firm. I paid about $500 From BRS including tax. I have the lights to show it works but the lights are not included. I’m going to build my own t5 fixture to attach to my current setup. Lmk!