Need Calcium reactor recommendations....


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After 5+ years of good results with Kalk, I'm thinking of finally making the switch to a calcium reactor. Any recommendations on what to look out for, and ways to get it right the first time? It all seems pretty straight forward, but you never know.

? do I really need a PH controller (I'm all for keeping it simple)
? does it pay to get a large media capacity
? I have a it a good idea to incorporate this on the output of the reactor
? I might need to get a CO2 tank. What's the cheapest place to buy one, and get it refilled in the Atlanta area

Thanks for any ideas and help!~

For co2 I would try one of the homebrew supply shops for a co2 bottle. I got a 5lb bottle with co2 for $75.00. Try Home Brewing Supply in Lilburn on Indian Trail.

For refills on my co2 bottle I go to Bevrage Control (vending supply) in Tucker. They refill while you wait and for about $9.00 for a 5lb bottle.
I have a used Knop C for sale. You'll need to buy a denerle check valve for the bubble counter, $18 through Marine Depot. Or you can get a regulator with one built in. As far as a ph controller I've never used one, but put the regulator on a timer to go off with the lights. Keeps the ph from going too high at night. As far as a CO2 bottle, I purchased one through a welding supply store for like $65. I just take it back in for replacement every 10 months or so. Its like $10 to switch it out. Asking $100 for the reactor. I used it on a 180 for a while. That pretty much pushed its limits, I went to a bigger unit since my tank is overstocked. If you have a tank bigger than a 180 this is not the reactor for you.
Richard, Sammy,
Thanks for the replies! Richard, you were about 5 days too late, as I purchased a used setup on Ebay and received it around 10 Sept. I've got it set up, and am in the process of tuning it in as we speak. The process doesn't appear to be all that straightforward, but I think things are moving in the right direction.