New Euro-Reef RC 180 broken < 30 days


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Still waiting for a reply since Monday. Chip @ Euro-Reef admitted to design failure in the pump/impeller. Haven't heard back yet. They must be really busy and I can only wonder why.
A similar story here."></a>

Just be cautious. You may want to delay any purchases until they get this resolved.
Sorry to hear about the problms you are having with Euroreef. I have a Euroreef RS80 and love it. Hope they remedy the situation soon.
The skimmer was fantastic until it failed. I consider myself fortunate that it happened on Sunday while I was home and nearby. The failure of the pump/impeller caused the skimmer to overflow and flood my fake wood floors. Luckily it was only a few gallons. I would expect better customer service especially after an admitted design flaw.
Was this the one with the new eheim pump? What went wrong, exactly, and why?
The pump is a Gen-X 4100. The skimmer was great until last Sunday when it began overflowing water from the collection cup. I had it installed externally, so you know where the water went. I unplugged it, emptied the cup and plugged it back in only find the pump not working. I disconnected the pump from the skimmer body, plugged it in while in a bucket of water. The pump ran, quit, ran and quit repeating that pattern. I took the pump apart and found the cylindrical magnet on the impeller was shredded. Also the inside of the pump has fairly large grooves. I do not know what exact design change Euro-Reef made, but if it ain't broke, don't break it (or look for cheaper parts made in China).
That is no good. I have an ASM which is a cheaper copy of the ER type skimmers. I really like my NeedleWheel skimmer. :)
I have been running an 8-3 plus for over a year without problems. It uses two Sedra pumps... I agree, the needlewheel skimmer ROCKS!