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I have a seriously neglected 24 gallon Aquapod by Current USA. I have recently had a cyno outbreak that I'm trying to overcome and some wonderful green hair algae is now peeking up at me from one of my rocks. I believe all of it came from the recent demise of my golden (yellow) wrasse. My 2 year old has a strange affection for this aquarium. She loves to turn the lights on/off, open the feeding door and we don't want to know what she does...I have found spoons and forks in there, occasionally there will by a Polly Pocket diving with the fishes....If you don't know what a Polly Pocket REALLY don't want to know - most of their accessories are fodder for the vacuum.

Anyway, currently there is about 15+ pounds of live rock, a royal gramma, a few hermit crabs, a sally foot crab, botton polyps are hanging in there, xenia....not holding out a lot of hope for him...Spoon landed right square in the middle of it....lots of purple coraline agae is coming back though. - - Oh yeah...didn't mention that my stock pump quit working so I'm currently cripping along with only a MJ600. My new MJ1200 is on order....please please please be here tomorrow.

I have on order:

bunch of nassasomething snails - they came in Thursday..they're munching away

bristle star
queen conch
some chaetomorpha algae - -I'm going to convert the first chamber into a fuge with a submersible LED light

some yellow polyps

I'm also strongly considering modifying the aquarium to enable me to put my MJ600 into the first chamber...still thinking about that...wondering if the chaetomorpha algea would clog it up too much. but then I saw a soap dish's looking like a FABULOUS IDEA!!! to keep the chaeto in check.

I would post pix...but I'm too embarrrasssed.

WARNING: Before replying to this post...please don't question the safety of my fish or children....I posted this on another forum and got absolutely blasted...I got just a weee bit defensive - Trust fish and children are quite safe in the current setup...oooppsss gotta go...two year old is climbing the doorway again!!!
ROTFLMFAO!!!!! nassasomething!! I LOVE IT!!

Your fish are LUCKY. My fishies don't get to play with polly pockets and spoons and other misc toys!!! Maybe your 2 yr old wants to visit gwen and play in the 72g?? :lol2: You can never be too young to get into the hobby!!

If you ever need anything, just let me know. I have a small PH or 2 u could always borrow if need be. I'm right off Grassdale Rd up north.

And my tank is in no better condition!! It's such a mess right now!! So I totally feel where ur coming from!!

WOW... even people in the boonies can meet up with the help of the ARC.

Good luck with the tank, hope things work out. It is a great thing that your kid loves playing with the fish.