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Hello people of ARC, I am a college student trying to navigate the world of a successful reef tank in this day and age. I own a 40-gallon aqua top all in one cube tank. I am running an Ecotech xr15 for lighting. Ai pumps for flow. This tank is an LPS and Softie tank with one montipora digitata that I acquired a couple of weeks ago. I have been struggling with my goniporas but not with torches. I have hopeful dreams of being able to sell some of the corals that grow too big in my tank one day to help fund the hobby. Anyone else in college and reefing?
Hey there, welcome to ARC!
Not in college yet, but about to start in the next year. I'm hoping the extra work won't drain my aquarium motivation, though I've gotten it down to very minimal maintenance so it shouldn't be an issue...
A word of advice for selling coral: go low from the start, at most 2/3 LFS price, and you will clear out a lot faster. If you sell at or near LFS prices, then there's no reason for the buyer *not* to just visit the LFS and they'll probably pass... Ask me how I know haha.
We would love to see your setup! 40g is an ideal size for a starter tank, there's a lot you can do in a tank that size.
Definitely some great advice that i am going to take. College is only as hard as you make it and honestly there is plenty of time to take care of an LPS or softie tank. I cannot speak for any acro-tanks because I don't have any experience with them yet.
If i get the forum to work on my phone I will definitely post some photos.