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i have a 75 gallon reef and the coralife skimmer just broke what should i get? i dont have alot of room in the sump.
i havent had a chance ot really check it out yet but i will when i get home from school today.. From what i can see the skimmer is on and water is coming out of the output tube but in the cylinder there is just water and no bubbles being mixed. I have a air pump pumping air into the venturi on the pump. ill get back to you i havent been home lately.
Sounds like you just have a clogged venturi. If the pump is pumping, the only way I can see that it's not producing bubbles is there is no air going through the venturi... make sure the tube is well attached and free and clear of salt creep and other particles. Also, clean out the venturi. Other than that all I can think of is maybe you forgot to add salt??? I hope not!
haha naw i added salt it has been working for about a month on my tank but all of a sudden it isnt
do you have the venturi or needlewheel skimmer? Like above, it's really odd that you don't get any bubble, especially if your using an air pump. Is the water moving through at a normal rate or is the pump not working properly?
alright guys i took the impeller out and cleaned the venturi and it works!!!. thanks for all of your help. next time ill try to do it myself before i post a pointless thred
thats true. theres always learning in this hobby you never know everything and you always have quistions. Thanks so much everyone for the help ad support!!!!!!!!!