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I'm new to the whole saltwater set-up but thanks to Big D for giving me some advice and telling me to join up. Everyone is really nice and very helpful. I know I will have tons of questions when everything gets set up and running. The tank is a 55 gallon with 2 seio 620s and a super skimmer with the top fin 60 filter. I just bought about 60 lbs of LR and hopefully once the group buy on the southdown sand happens it will be up and running. Haven't really picked out what will be going in it just yet but thats what research is for. Ill post pics then.
Thanks but I learned most of what I know from all of you on this forum. But I still have alot to learn. And I'll be getting in touch with you (Bryan) about some frags soon.
alright I always have them. If not then i can have some in about a week attached and ready.