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I just recieved a new pink toadstool frag and I want to get it started in my tank. I put a rubberband around it and a piece of rock. Is this the right thing to do to get it to adhere to the rock? How long should I leave the rubberband in place? It is loose until the frag swells then it tightens up but not real tight. Is this the proper way? Is there a better way to adhere it to the rock?
<span style="color: black;"><span style="font-family: 'Verdana','sans-serif';">You can use the rubber band or net(bridal vail) method. IMO, the rubber ban method can cause the coral to split due to the excessive pressure under the rubber band. If you use net like bridal vail, that should keep it snug on the rock while allowing light and food to reach the coral.</span></span>
I like the bridal veil method. Or another way is a plastic toothpick through the stalk and then rubberband that on the rock. It generally takes a 7-10 days to attach.
Good luck!
I prefer zip ties.

With bridal veil, I find that the coral grows into the bridal veil and it tears up the coral when you pull it off.

The toothpick rubberband method is great. Here is a cool
Hey George, you are doing the right thing. Toadstools adhere to the ricks easily but as the previous person said sometimes rubberbans tend to split the corals but the way you are doing it seems to limit that.
I guess I need to try the toothpick trick. I got home from work tonight and my new toad stool was upside down in the sand on the bottom of my tank. I guess he escaped the loose rubberband. But it looked happy, it was all bloomed out. I can't run the video. Does anyone else have some kind of visual instruction. The bottom of this frag is smooth, no stalk.
Soft corals slime when you frag them so super glue gel wouldn't work so well. Super glue is best for SPS.
I doubt you killed your frag by using super glue, however they might slime themselves loose and get lost in your system. If you put them in tupperware until they attach, then it may work.
Ok so no superglue and no net. Loose rubberband and it escaped. Tight rubberband and it cuts. I need to know more about this toothpick trick.
Is there a stalk on the leather? Much of one? If so take a toothpick and put it right through the stalk, then rubberband the toothpick to the rock. This the method I use and I also use the bridal veil method along witht he toothpick. I put it right over the rock and rubber band that also. Sometimes I have had issues with bridal veil sticking to xenia but I prefer the veil for a toadstool.
There is no stalk. So the bridal veil maybe my only solution.
Just stick the toothpick through the frag even if there is no stalk. I've never killed a toadstool by piercing it. Getting them to stay attached to the rock is the hardest part of fragging. They usually die from coming loose and then you can't find them sometimes.

You could always do both the toothpick method and then bridal veil over the frag.

Keep us posted.
Fragging will be demonstrated at our February Meeting. It will be a detailed informational session about how to frag softies, LPS, SPS, etc. I am sure we will go over several different options of fraggins these lovely specimens.

Mushrooms and softies can be the hardest to get attached. I have had luck putting them in holes and letting them attach themselves. Or, you can put them in a small cup with some rubble and let them attach themselves.

I have also used Toothpicks, Rubber Bands, Fishing line, etc to get it to stick. I did have luck (once) with superglue on a softie.

Good luck