Nomadic Anemone


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I recently purchased for my 90gal a long tentacled anemone. I initially placed him in a nice nook in the rocks that was out of the way from direct, strong current flows, but still had light water movement. He loved it there (or so it seemed) and hunkered down for 3 days very well entrenched.
Then all of a sudden he's popped out and slowly bouncing around. I've tried different out-0f-the-way spots but he keeps roving. Any suggestions or ideas of what's driving his behavior? Thanks.
LTA's prefer to have there base and cloumn protected by a deep sand bed. It will likely feel uncomfortable in the rocks. try to "dig" out a small area of sand to the aquarium bottom, place the anemone there, and then "backfill" the column.
My BTA move around also until he found a cave like hole in the rocks and that is where he attached at; he has been there ever since.
BTA's are different than LTA's. BTA's lock rocky crannys, while the LTA's are sand bed anemones.