Ordered my new tank today!

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The project begins... I got my 220 gal ordered today. Should be delivered by the end of the month. I am making a trip to Lowes tonight for concrete. I am pouring a 2x4 foot slab under the house for the supports to rest on.
Don't forget the rebar and if you want to be ultra safe check your soil under the conrete. Many times have I seen a big slab of crete poored to perfection only to have the soil compress and bust the crap out of it.
As someone who has worked in Geotechnical Engineering for 20 years, there has never been a more accurate statement. Make sure the soils are well compacted beneath the conrete slab or at minimum place a layer of graded stone, perhaps 4" of #57 stone to help distribte load!!
Sorry... Real busy at the LFS this weekend as well as today. Back to school tomorow. Slab still hasn't been poured as of yet. I have lined up an electrician (brother-in-law) to come by and put GFCI receptacles (4) in the wall as well as add two 20 amp breakers into the fuse box. Ordered the Sequence Dart return pump today and we have a new sump/refugium being sent in. I am waiting to see the sump before making my decision. I didn't think you guys would be interested in seeing a pic of 6 sacks of concrete!LOL Thanks for all of the encouragement! , Scott
Sorry, no pics as of yet. I did get the electrical supplies purchased today and build the 2 x 6 foot frame for the slab. I got it tamped in and level. I have decided to keep my old stand and hood but I am considering moving the sump into the basement for a little more temp stability. I did not pour the cement because it is gettiting down to freezing tonight and want no problems with the set.