Par meter checkout suggestion


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After the meeting on Tuesday, I suggested to Chris that we have an info sheet that each of us fills out after checking out the Par meter. We could use this to compare par output for different types of bulb/ballast combinations.

This would be primarily benefitial for MH users, due to the fact that different types of ballasts run different types of bulbs differently.

My thoughts on this could be to email a spread sheet or some other type of form with a few simple questions; such as,

Ballast manufacturer
Bulb manufacturer
Bulb color temp (6500 - 20000 degree k)
Bulb wattage
Bulb distance from water
Age of the bulbs
Reflector Type

Par at ~1 inch from bulb
Par at water surface
par at ~1 below water surface

This info could easily be dumped into a db and you could plot the results. This info could be used to make solid, fact based recommendations about lighting with the proper data to back it up. If there is enough interest I could put together a simple entry form and database to track this.

Suggestions welcome

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