Phosban Reactor Media?


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For those of you with a Phosban Reactor what media do you use? Kent, ROWAphos, etc? And do you mix media in the reactor, such as nitrate sponges, phos sponges or carbon? Thanks for the info, setting mine up this afternoon!
I started using phosban but moved to rowaphos when I found that you dont have to rinse it first. I also run carbon <u>after</u> the phos-reactor to catch some of the loose particles.
I use Rowaphos. I do rinse mine though even though the directions say not too. Too many fine particals.
A maxi Jet 400 with very little flow. Use the little ball vale and turn the flow down to where the top media is barely moving.
Here is a good pump you can use for the reactor as well:"></a>

That's what I use on mine and it works great.

Thats what I was thinking. I really do not have much room in my sump. I would really like a larger sump. I want one thats long but not real tall. But I can't find one. I literally have pumps laying on eachother!
I use a GenX pcx-55 on my phosban reactor :confused2:
(after the tee and ballvalve) :)