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i have a green plate coral that isnt doing well and i dont know why every other coral in my tank is loving life but hes not so i need to get ride of it before it dies more. Pleaes any suggustions to keeping these things or if you want it. thanks
what kind of lights do you have in your tank, I know they get most of their nutrition thu photosynthesis. I'ld be willing to take if you have run out of things to do for it.
That's wierd. My plate coral isn't looking very well either. All my other corals are fine though. Odd.
My plate is doing great under PC lighting with lots of direct feedings (every other day). Is yours a short or long tentacle plate? The reason I ask is that the long tentacle plates I hear are much harder to keep.

What is yours looking like and how long have you had it? If it simply isn't inflated, I wouldn't worry too much, as they usually aren't inflated at all during the day in their natural home--only at night.

Is it in a lot of flow? This can cause problems with some plates, just like other LPS whose flesh can be easily damaged against their sharp skeletons if they are in direct current.

If its tissue is receding from the edges it can be bad as they tend not to be able to outcompete algae if it takes hold on their skeleton. However, if it starts to recover, you could get new polyps sprouting where the tissue receded and end up with babies.

I might be cautious though, about moving it to a completely new tank, as the stress of the move might decrease it's chances of survival. Can you take some pictures and give a more detailed description? Maybe all hope is not lost...
Any problem with your water parameters?

In general, they should be kept on the substrate, out of direct current. Many say they do not need much food other than light but I tend to feed as much as it will eat (why would it have such a large mouth if it didn't like to eat a lot?). As for lighting, I have mine under 80 watts of 50/50 lighting in a 10 gallon tank, and the half of it that wasn't shaded bleached for about a month but is now back to normal (I don't think they need tons of light).
ok well it is a long tenticled and the tissue has started to fall off in one place and its tenticles arent extending at all adn the water parameteres are fine. I have it in the sand and i dont have any DIRECT flow on it but i do have a lot of flow in my tank. Would it be better off in my ten gallon with 65 watt pc's and not much flow. ill take a pic.
this is him:unsure: ..................

the sand hasnt been on him the whole time that just happend right when i took the pic
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I don't see how a lot of flow could hurt as long as it's not direct, but you may want to try him in your other tank if the parameters are good there, too. Are you sure it's a long tentacle plate? I know the tentacles are retracted in the picture but it still looks like a short tentacled species to my untrained eyes...

Sand on him shouldn't be a problem anyways since they can easily slough it off with a layer of mucus--but how did it get there? if it just blew onto him chances are there might be a bit too much flow where he is...

I guess something else in the tank could be bothering him, too, so maybe moving him to you 10 gallon for a bit would eliminate that possibility.

Anyhow, he doesn't look beyond saving at all. If you get him into a happy environment his tissue should grow back over the skeleton quickly so long as algae doesn't take hold first. If he'll take food, I'd try some--something small like cyclopeeze (turn off all flow since he'll have a hard time holding on to something that small).

Good luck!
The sand got on him from my maroon pair doing some house keeping and sweeping the floor. lol theyre very tidy. ill try my 10 gallon thanks for the responses ill keep you guys posted.
what do you feed it ? I use marine snow & and (REEF plus) vitamns & amino acid ,both twice a week . It works well . Do you have anything bothering it at night that you may not know about ?? Good luck.
no theres nothing in my tank well i dont think. I feed every other day with DT's live marine phytoplankton. it is now in my ten gallon so well see. I dont think it is going to make it.............
Try feeding it meaty foods. Mine will eat an entire thawed cube of formula one if I give it to him...
You may have to wait some to see if he recovers a bit, but sometimes you can entice a feeding response by putting a little food in the water and waiting a few minutes (mine, by the way, does not respond to DT's). try shutting down the pumps and using a turkey baster to gently squirt some shredded raw seafood or thawed and mashed up meaty prepared food like formula one right near his mouth. You may get him to eat that way, or you may just have to sit tight and see what happens. If you have cleaner shrimp or anything like that in your tank you may have to fend them off since it can take a few minutes for a plate coral to get the food down (i've had to intervene when my fire shrimp was literally trying to pry open its mouth to get to some swallowed food!). Observe him after lights out to see if he's expanded at all. How long did you say you had him? do you have other LPS in your tank?
I lost mine about a month ago. His skeleton is now the home of some newly and strategically placed Zoas! Should make for a nice round colony in a few months
family reefer wrote: I lost mine about a month ago. His skeleton is now the home of some newly and strategically placed Zoas! Should make for a nice round colony in a few months

I hope that doesnt happen to me but yeah that would be cool looking but i'de rather keep my plate. I moved the plate to my 10 gallon and i do not have any lps in that tank but it was in my 75 where i have frogspawn and candycane and cup coral. and those are all doing amazing!!!!. My damsel will eat the food out of his mouth when i try to spot feed him. :sad: :sad:
great idea!!! thank you very much guys for the help but i was just afriad it was going to die so i brought it to a LFS. i thought it would do better there. I appriciate the help very much!!!!!!!!