Play Sand as Substrate


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I have had quite a bit of trouble finding Southdown play sand for my new tank. It seems to be hard to get. I did come across Premium play sand at Lowe's. It is almost white, not dark brown like regular play sand. The bag says it is made by a company Short Mountain Silica. The product is crystalline silica (quartz). Is this stuff okay to be used in aquariums as a substrate?
I would venture to say it is, I've used just about everytype of play sand there is in both my fresh and saltwater tanks, just make sure you rinse the sand throughly and untill the water runs clear.
i found some sand at HD that is pool filter sand.anyone know if it is ok,its the whitest sand they got.doesnt have any info posted on the bag.product is made by pavestone.
I don't know enough about playsand to say much, but I have used soutdown sand (which isn't available in ATL).
southdown is not even made anymore.theres some pulverized limestone made by pavestone that many people swear by.but ive yet to find it really interested in using the pool filter sand.anyone familiar with it?
yeah I've used pool filter sand, you can get it at any pool store. Atlas pools sells it, its off 285 and peachtree industrial. Ususally costs about 8 bux per 50lb bag. Just ask for their silica sand. Wash it really well tho.
Okay, so wait a second....

I can use play sand in my tank, insted of buying that expensive ****... haha:yay:

I used play sand in my tanks, but it's not as pretty as reef sand. I haven't really had any problems with it though."></a>
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