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Ive got a 90gal AGA with the built in overflow. I purchased the bulkheads seperatly and just want to make sure Im installing them correctly.
The flush part shoud go in the tank, right?
The seal should go on the inside or outside of the tank?
Which way should the seal go, one side is smooth, the other has ridges.

Also, Im really concerned about the plumbing attached cracking the bottom out of the tank, any ideas on this one? I tried using flex tubing but it seemed to be putting a lot of pressure on the tank and it didnt stay put well enough.

hey there the flush part of the bulkhead goes inside the overflow and the seal also goes inside the over flow i am not quit shure what you mean about the smooth and the ridges deal but also make sure not to tighten the bulckheads too tight because then you will crack it.
You can put the bulkhead in either way just make sure the gasket is on the side with the flange, NOT the nut side. I put the ridges on the gasket towards the bulkhead. I'm not sure if this makes too much difference when bolting the bulkhead to a smooth surface like glass.
As for tightening, use a wrench but tighten slowly just until water doesnt leak?
Usually as tight as you can get it with your fingers then about a 1/4 to 1/2 turn with a channel clock plyers or wrench is good. You do not want to tighten it to the point where the gasket gets too squished out...