problem with yuma


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alright i just recently purchased a small probably smaller than a dime size yuma from cappacino bay. It is really pretty orange yellow and it keeps coming off the rock and it hasent been doing so well and it hasent been expanding all the way. I thought that there care was similar to mushrooms am i wrong???

It'd probably stressing out from moving around so much. You may need to get it attached to a smaller rock first so it doesn't get blown around the tank.
If it keeps coming off the rock I would lightly put a piece of bridal veil or similiar netting on it and rubberband it to keep it from falling off. The less you move it around the better.
I've heard that yumas need a good bit more light than other shrooms.
I'm new to the ARC site, but I've been on TRT for almost a year now. This is a nice site. I just thought I'd give my experience....

I have a couple of Yumas, and they've done very well in my tank. I used the bridal veil method, and used a small cable tie to secure it around the rock. I keep my Yumas in a low-flow area in my tank, and they're as high as I could get them. The largest of mine opens up to about the size of a plate you would sit a coffee mug on, so I guess it's safe to say they like the placement I've chosen. I hope this helps.

thanks brad yea dude congrates thanks for the help i am gonna move it to the top right now. i had it in the sand in a ten gallon tank with a 65 watt coralife light on it