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New to the club and back into marines after many years. Things have really changed with all the corals and advances. Question about a nano tank of 14 gallons. I have some soft corals and a few small marines. Really like the reef tank. Is a protein skimmer a wise investment? If so, what kind would you buy? I saw that there is a new one especially for nanos but was just not sure about the right way to go.

From what i heard from some of the other forums is that most of the nano skimmers are not worth the money.
If ya had a sump ya could run one of the better skimmers.
I have a 29g that has never had a skimmer on it and its been up for little over 3 years and i am growing softies, leathers and some sps.
im sure some others will chime in and have some sugestions about the smaller skimmers.
From everything I've read, you don't need nano-skimmers as long as you do your 10% weekly water changes and other routine maintanence. But if you do feel the need, stay away from Nano-Bob skimmers. I was tempted to get one, but after reading through the forums at
a>, I found out they were junk.
Welcome. I was told the same thing about skimmers. I just do a 20% water change once a week and clean my filters. Everything seems happy. Good luck.
this may sound stupid, but it works...

take a air pump and place a bubble diffuser (I like the wooden coralife ones best) and place it somewhere in the tank "very close" to a glass wall of the tank (usually along the back). then every few days take a clean sponge or cloth and wipe the top of the glass. you'd be supprised how much crud gathers with this rather primitave "skimmer". this is the way the ocean does it (albeit on a somewhat larger scale).

Also, should work the same on acrylic, but I haven't done it. So I can't promise...

note: salt will gather as well and you will tend to wipe it away. keep a check on salinity as well.
How about a clear tube thats off the bottom and is a 1 or 2 in dia.
The small "Remora" is an excellent HOB choice and I think skimmers are essential to a marine reef. However substantial water changes would also work. Nano tanks are easily overwhelmed with living biomass and feeding. The skimmer helps to extract the waste product of everything else you add.
Many thanks for all the comments. There seems to be a lot of opinions. Just finished reading a book on Nanos and the author Chris Brightwell is a big fan of skimmers for Nanos to keep every going well. Its seems to most are built for larger tanks or the low end ones are not worth it. Leaves me uncertain on what to do. Spending $175 for a skimmer for a 12 gallon seems a little overkill and also have limited space.

I don't know how tall your tank is... but I have a lee's air driven skimmer (cat. no. 17100) that I bought for about 14 dollars (on ebay). However, your tank has to be a foot tall for it to work. I love it... I use it a ton on a temp basis. I'm not parting with mine (hope you didn't think I was selling :)

but you have to have the minumium tank height... if so, new they are only about 25 bucks.