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anybody have any experience with a etss downdraft skimmer? i want to buy one and a new sump for it any thoughts on using a micron bag on the inlet side it comes with one.somebody told me they clog up easily is this true?i do water maintenance faithfully every week. thanks in advance
sorry... I'm not familiar with this skimmer. Hopefully someone will chime in soon. Good luck
I'm not familiar with it either. I bet the Micron bag would clog up.

I have Euro-Reef skimmer and I love it. I would definitely recommend one.

Never heard of it.

It may be a good skimmer, but just giving you my experience. When I first started, the LFS (before I found the good ones) told me to get the Red Sea Prizm. What a waste of money!! I was replacing the unit about 9 months later. The is nothing more expensive than buying equipment that needs to be replaced. Just make sure you really research because a skimmer and a RODI unit are the most important pieces of equipment we buy.

I have a Euroreef for my sump skimmer, and the nano has the AquaC Remora for a HOB (hang on the back) skimmer. I recommend both.

What is your setup like?
I used to use a downdraft on my 125. I didnt put anything in my inlet chamber. It seemed to produce microbubbles that way.
gwen ito have ared sea prism a piece of junk is right. my fish store sold it to me . then 6months later told me they were junk. i asked him why he sold it to me if it was junk ,he replied he did not own the store and he sold what the owner wanted them to sump is junk to .all-glass thin acrylic that is warped .the lid won't go on squarely.i'm going to replace with a 3/8 acrylic sump
The ETSS skimmers are well made and will do the job although they like a hefty pump to really get them going. Which model ETSS are you getting? Does it come with a pump (if so, which one)? What size water volume will you be using it on? If you're faithful in maintaining it, a micron bag will help keep down the detritus in your tank. You will need to be on top of keeping it clean though.
I've had an ETSS 800 running on my 180 gallon tank for over 7 years. Works well, as some have said it requires a large pump to run it. I have a GenX Mak4 on mine. I know nothing about running any micron filters on the skimmer.
i will be getting a reef devil 500 w/ a mag 7 pump it is rated for a 180 gal. tank .i have a 75 gal. reef tank
I TOO purchased a red sea skimmer for my aggressive tank - after a week it still had not produced the first cup of skim - flooded the floor a time or two though - thank goodness I bought it from Foster & Smith - they even paid the return postage, good good people.

I currently run a coralife 220 on it and it performs very well

I have not heard anything good about the red skimmers.
I guess the big question IS - is there anybody out there who is happy with a red sea skimmer??