PVC Pipe Plumbing?


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A question for those that have worked with PVC pipes with your aquariums. Is it ok to use the PVC pipe sealant/glue or should I just use silicone? I made a spray bar last night for the reef and after many battles with leaks around the ball valve using silicone, I ended up cuting it off and going without it. But I want to add it back on and I know the normal sealant works great but is it safe to use with on the aquarium plumbing? Thanks for the help in advance!
you and should use PVC solvent to secure and glue PVC fittings. SIlicone should not be used for any pressure situations. Just let it cure fully before using it in a tank with animals. For all plumbing, I recommend using PVC cleaner, primer, and glue. Most people just end up using glue, but for an additional few bucks in supplies, yo can do it right.