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I received an SPS Frag as part of an online order. I am told by the vendor ( that it is a "Tyree Acropora Solittaryensis" and that it is an unusual coral. My efforts are focused mainly on LPS and Softies so I have no idea what the requirements are for this. Can someone give me some advice?
SPS in general require a heavy flow, clean water, and bright light. The coral you were told you have is a "designer" coral, offered by a coral farmer legend, Steve Tyree. He runs a company called"></a>, or [IMG]"></a>. There is a waiting list for some of his frags til 2010 or later. Its craziness.

Not to burst your bubble, but I dont think a vendor would sell a frag like that real willy-nilly. Most people really have to search them out, and they cost a lot compared to other frags. But, who knows, you my have one.

At any rate, go to the websites above, and it should tell you all you want about this coral.
Thanks for the info. I will check it out. I will probably just sell the frag or trade it as I don not have the most intense lighting (150W 14K).
I just went to the site that I got it from ( and they say that it came from reeffarmers. If anyone is curious go to the site above and click on Collector Frags. Then go to page 11 and it is top left. Right now the piece is mostly brown with a hint of purple. It is on the bottom of my 58 so I guess I will move it up. Thanks again. In case you are wondering why the heck I would order it and not know the requirements it was a freebie. I made a rather large purchase and he threw it in.

Thanks, Darren
I built a temporary shelf and it is about 9 inches below the light.